On rare occasions, the Sugarmate Glance Mac app may get into a state where the Login window won't appear. To fix it, follow the steps below:

Fully remove Sugarmate Glance and re-install it

On your Mac

  1. Uninstall Sugarmate Glance by opening the Applications folder, then drag the app to the Trash

  2. Open the Finder

  3. In the menu bar, click Go, then click Go to Folder...

  4. Type "~/Library/Containers", then hit return

  5. Delete the "SugarmateGlance" folder (or "com.wildvillage.SugarmateGlance" folder)

  6. Delete the "SugarmateGlanceHelper" folder (or "com.wildvillage.SugarmateGlanceHelper" folder)

  7. Open the App Store and reinstall Sugarmate Glance

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