Please note that Sugarmate mobile app alerts are not meant to replace the alerts you receive from your Dexcom CGM app or other diabetes devices.

To set up alerts, tap the Menu icon and then select Alerts.

There are three types of alerts you can enable: Push Notifications, Emergency Contacts, and Phone Calls.

Push Notifications

These operate like other Push Notifications on your device. They use the values from the Normal Range in your Ranges settings.

You can choose from:

• Predictive High: Defaults to when your glucose values have been trending upwards for at least 1 hour and are currently above the upper limit of your normal range. You can use the “Threshold” slider to raise that value.

• Predictive Low: Defaults to when your glucose values have been trending downwards for at least 1 hour and are currently below the lower limit of your normal range + 20 mg/dL or 1.1 mmol/L (so if your lower limit is 80 mg/dL or 4.4 mmol/L, it would default to 100 mg/dL or 5.5 mmol/L). You can use the “Threshold” slider to

raise that value.

• Steady and Above Normal: Defaults to when your glucose values have been relatively flat and more than 60 mg/dL or 3.3 mmol/L above the upper limit for your normal range for at least 2 hours. You can use the “Threshold” slider to raise that value.

• No New Readings: Sends an alert if the Sugarmate mobile app hasn’t received a new reading in over 15 minutes and (1) your data source is valid and (2) you didn’t add a transmitter/sensor change event.

Emergency Contacts

Please note that emergency calls/texts are only supported in certain countries. View the full list of supported countries at

Use this Alert to automatically send a text message to friends or family members when your glucose value is urgently low. It uses the Urgent Low Value you define in your Ranges settings.

Tap Add a Contact to add an emergency contact. You will be prompted to allow the Sugarmate mobile app to access to your contacts. Tap OK and then select your emergency contact from your contact list. If there are multiple phone numbers for your contact, make sure to select one that can receive text messages.

You can add as many Emergency Contacts as you like.

Toggle Send GPS Location to “ON” if you’d like to include that information with your emergency text message.

Phone Calls

Please note that the Sugarmate mobile app phone call alert is an experimental feature, and that delivery of a phone call cannot be guaranteed. Turn this alert on to receive an automated phone call when your glucose value falls below the normal range during your Sleep Hours. Both of those ranges are configured in your Ranges settings.

To make sure you receive these calls, even if you use Do Not Disturb or Silent modes on your phone, follow these steps:

For iPhone

1. Open the Contacts app.

2. Tap the + icon to create a new contact with Sugarmate’s phone number: 805-507-8427 (+1 805-507-8427 if you’re outside the United States).

3. Select Ringtone and choose a ringtone that you will recognize.

4. Turn on Emergency Bypass in the Ringtone settings.

5. Tap Done to save your settings, then tap Done again to save this new contact.

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