The first thing most people want to customize are the ranges used by the app. To get started, go to Settings and tap Ranges.

Use the sliders to set your target glucose range, your urgent low threshold, and the hours you typically sleep.

Below that, you can choose between mg/dL or mmol/L.


In the Display Settings, you can adjust the Graph Range, which are the lowest and highest values displayed in your graph. Note that if you have values outside the range you set, they will appear fainter and fixed at the edges.

The Show Difference slider changes whether you see the difference between the current glucose reading and the previous glucose reading in the header and Today Widget, displayed as a +/- after the value. Note that it will only display if the last reading is less than 10 minutes old.

You can also customize the appearance of the app be selecting your dot color, toggling Dark Mode on or off, and selecting from one of 19 different color themes.


There are 6 different Activities: Food, Insulin, Exercise, BG Meter Reading, Device Change, and Other Medication.

In the Activity Settings you can adjust the order in which these Activities display, along with an option to add a Note.

+ Button Location

Toggles the position of the Add Activity Button between the bottom left and bottom right of the screen.

Open Keyboard

When on, the keyboard will automatically open when you create a new activity entry.

Auto Dictate

When on, the app will immediately start recording a dictation when creating a new activity entry.

Hide Notes History

By default, the Sugarmate mobile app lets you quickly add previously entered notes when creating an Activity entry. When this option is on, previous notes will be hidden.

Day Stats

Choose which data you would like to see in the day headers of your Activity Feed. You can drag and drop them to change the order and select/deselect them to determine which are visible.

High Precision Sliders

An experimental mechanism for more easily entering precise and/or large numbers. When turned on, you can hold your finger on the slider, then slide up to access the large number slider, or down to access the decimal number slider. This option applies to insulin and food entries.



Displays the email address associated with your account. To change the email address associated with your account, please email Sugarmate support at support@sugarmate.io, if possible, from the address currently associated with your account.


Your nickname is used when sending text messages to your emergency contacts or to differentiate multiple users when switching between users in the app or on an Apple Watch. If you are using an Apple Watch, you will need to turn on the Multi-user Support feature in the Apple Watch Advanced options menu.

Update Password

For changing your account password.

Delete Account

To erase all of the settings associated with your device. If you’d like to delete your account entirely, please email support@sugarmate.io.

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