Note that Nightscout is an open-source software project of the Nightscout Foundation. The Sugarmate mobile app is not affiliated with Nightscout.

If you prefer, you can use your Nightscout account as a data source instead of connecting directly to Dexcom Share. If you’ve already added a Dexcom data source, you’ll need to delete that before adding your Nightscout account, as you can only have one data source for the Sugarmate mobile app.

Enter your Nightscout URL. If you are limiting access, add Sugarmate as a Subject on the Admin Tools page (of Nightscout) and grant it the “readable” role. Then enter the access token into Sugarmate when creating a data source. If you do not limit access by providing a token for Sugarmate, your glucose data will be publicly accessible

on your Nightscout site.

Use of Nightscout as your data source has the potential to cause syncing problems, which may impact the ability of the Sugarmate mobile app to receive glucose data. If your readings aren’t updating on time, the Sugarmate mobile app may be trying to read Nightscout too early (or late). You can use the “delay” option in the Sugarmate

mobile app to change the amount of time that the app waits before trying to get a new reading.

Please Note: The Share2Nightscout bridge support for accessing CGM data will no longer be supported in version 2.7.1 of the Sugarmate app. Nightscout data sources in version 2.7.1 that use the bridge will stop receiving updates on Wednesday, December 15, 2021. Users will need to follow the steps to reconnect their data source with Dexcom CGM data to continue to receive CGM readings.

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