Safety Information

This app is meant only for organizing and tracking your blood sugar levels and does not provide specific treatment or treatment suggestions. Dosing decisions should not be made based on this app, and the app is not intended to replace self-monitoring practices as advised by a physician. Do not alter your prescribed treatment plan without consulting your doctor.

Security Information

The Sugarmate application has been designed with security in mind, however to best maintain the security of your data follow these simple steps:

• Enable your compatible device’s built-in security lock functionality.

• Do not remove or interfere with the security features on the compatible device.

• Do not attempt to modify the operating system, jailbreak or root the device.

• Keep your device and the Sugarmate app updated to the latest version.

• Use only the official application store, such as the Apple™ App Store™* or the Google Play™* store to get all mobile applications used with the compatible mobile device.

• Do not click on links from email messages, web pages, or text messages received from an unknown or untrusted source.

• Avoid the use of unknown Wi-Fi™ networks or public Wi-Fi™ hotspots.

• Enable security protection, such as the use of a password and encryption, on your home Wi-Fi™ network that the compatible mobile device connects to regularly.

Data Privacy Information

The Sugarmate application collects information about you from different sources and in various ways, including information you provide directly, information collected automatically, third-party data sources, and data we infer or generate from other data. You can set how long the data is stored locally on your compatible mobile device through the Settings menu, with a maximum of 90-days history saved locally. The app will automatically delete old readings from local storage when you close the app.

The information the app collects about you (called "Personal Data") includes Registration Information, Health Information, Behavior Information, Demographic Information, Feedback Information, Online Identifiers and Metadata, Geolocation Information, Use Information, Voice Data, and Derived Information. For more details on the privacy policy, please see

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