When displaying your reading, there are three pieces of information that may be displayed:

  1. Event Time: This range indicates the actual time of the event on your calendar. The start time of the event lets you know when the event was last updated by Sugarmate. The length of the event does not matter (it is usually 12 minutes). Unfortunately there’s no way to hide this time range. On some watch faces, it may just show the start time of the event.

  2. Reading: This is your actual glucose value and trend arrow. If you see a “+/- [value]” next to your reading, that indicates the difference in value from your previous reading. If the reading was older than 7 minutes when the event was updated, it will display “[OLD]” next to your reading.

  3. Reading Time: This time corresponds to the actual time that the glucose value was read from your CGM Sensor.

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