The Facts

What Happened?

  • On Oct 18, 2021, Dexcom servers that support customers outside the United States underwent scheduled maintenance to enhance scalability and performance of Dexcom CGM data channels. Sugarmate was using a legacy channel to access Dexcom CGM data and because of the Dexcom update, that channel became unavailable. As a result, the Sugarmate app stopped receiving Dexcom CGM data for our customers outside of the U.S.

    On November 9, 2021, the same scheduled maintenance was performed on servers that support U.S. and customers within the U.S. lost connection at that time.

Did you know this was going to happen?

  • We were making plans to update the way that we access Dexcom CGM data, knowing that this legacy channel would eventually not be available, but we were unaware that the Dexcom scalability and performance server enhancements would close this channel and affect the Sugarmate app. Dexcom has been responsive and collaborative with Sugarmate on this issue.

Who will it impact

Who is impacted now?

  • Customers in the U.S. are able to restore their connection by updating their Sugarmate app to the most recent version (v2.7.1) and then follow the steps to connect to a Dexcom data source.

    Regrettably, our customers outside the U.S. are still unable to receive Dexcom CGM data in the Sugarmate app.

If I live outside the United States, what should I use instead?

  • We encourage you to use Dexcom applications, including Dexcom G6 and Dexcom Follow, for real-time CGM viewing, alerts and remote monitoring. These apps are also compatible with select smart watches for enhanced functionality.

Why are customers in the U.S. seeing a fix before those outside the U.S. when international customers lost access first?

  • The Dexcom Partner Web API Program is currently only available in the U.S. It will be available for use outside the U.S. as regional regulatory and technical requirements are addressed.

Why is the Sugarmate app no longer available in the App Store for customers outside the U.S.?

  • Since users outside the U.S. cannot currently receive Dexcom CGM data using the Sugarmate app, we have removed it from the App Store for those users since the app would not work as intended.

The Fix

What are we doing to fix it?

  • We have launched version 2.7.1 in the App Store for our U.S. customers. This update connects with Dexcom CGM data utilizing the Dexcom Partner Web API Program. Customers will need to update their Sugarmate app, and reconnect to their Dexcom data source.

    We continue to work with Dexcom to understand when we can launch an updated Sugarmate app with the Dexcom Partner Web API program outside of the U.S.

When will it be fixed?

  • U.S customers can reconnect to Dexcom CGM data through the Sugarmate app as of Thursday, December 9, 2021.

    We will work region by region to restore access outside of the U.S. as we get the necessary regulatory and technical aspects in place.

Why did it take so long to fix it?

  • Server performance and reliability for our customers is critically important to both Dexcom and Sugarmate. However, it does take time to update and test the Sugarmate app, through the Dexcom channel. Both Sugarmate and Dexcom worked as quickly and diligently as possible to restore Dexcom’s CGM data into the Sugarmate app again.

Why didn’t Sugarmate plan for this earlier?

  • Sugarmate and Dexcom were working in partnership to transition Sugarmate to the Dexcom Partner Web API program before we lost access to the legacy channel, we were using to access CGM data. We are working as quickly as possible to release this update.

Did Dexcom intentionally block Sugarmate from receiving data?

  • Dexcom performed updates to enhance the scalability and performance of Dexcom CGM data channels. They were not targeted at Sugarmate. Dexcom has been responsive and collaborative with Sugarmate on the path to resolve this event and restore CGM data to all users of the Sugarmate app.

Why can’t Dexcom roll back the changes?

  • Dexcom scalability and performance improvements are required to support all Dexcom customers. They are required updates and as a result cannot be rolled back.

What else will this impact?

Will the JSON feeds continue once the connection is restored?

  • No. The JSON connection from Sugarmate will no longer be available now that Sugarmate is participating in the Dexcom Partner Web API Program. If you were using the API to display readings on a dashboard, we have added Nightstand Mode to our iOS and web apps to provide this functionality.

Was anything else changed in the version 2.7.1 release of the Sugarmate app?

  • We did have some exciting new features that were developed before the connection disruption that have been rolled out in version 2.7.1. We also had some features that were updated or removed, please visit the What’s New section under Help & Feedback in the Sugarmate app to learn all the details.

Will this affect any of my other services or data integrations?

  • The Share2Nightscout bridge support for accessing CGM data will no longer be supported in version 2.7.1 of the Sugarmate app. Nightscout data sources in version 2.7.1 that use the bridge will stop receiving updates on Tuesday, December 21, 2021. Users will need to follow the steps to reconnect their data source with Dexcom CGM data to continue to receive CGM readings.

    12/14/21 Update: U.S. customers using the Nightscout bridge will no longer receive updates as of Tuesday, December 21, 2021.

Will this affect my data going to t:connect applications from my t:slim X2 pump?

  • No, data from the t:slim X2 pump is pulled into the t:connect web application wirelessly using the t:connect mobile app and Bluetooth wireless technology. The Sugarmate app is not involved.

Will this affect my CGM data going to my t:slim X2 pump?

  • No, the Sugarmate app and the t:slim X2 pump integrate with Dexcom by different methods and do not affect each other.

How do we know it won’t happen again?

  • While unplanned outages cannot be predicted, we are working closely in partnership with Dexcom to update how we access Dexcom CGM data, with a focus on security and reliability.

Is there anything Sugarmate users like me can do to help? Fundraise, protest, call or send letters to Dexcom, etc.

  • Dexcom has been responsive and collaborative with Sugarmate. There is nothing for you to do and we thank you for your patience. We will provide progress updates regularly as CGM data is available in the Sugarmate app again for customers outside the United States.

Will Sugarmate continue to be a free app once this is resolved?

  • Our current focus is getting the structure in place to limit disruption to our U.S. customers and reinstate connection for our customers outside the United States. We have no plans to start charging the community for the existing features and functionality of the Sugarmate app.

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