We have some exciting new features that were developed before the connection disruption that have been rolled out in version 2.7.1. We also has some features that were updated or removed. Check out what's new and different in the Sugarmate app version 2.7.1 below.

What's New:

Dexcom Data Source Update: The Sugarmate app now connects to Dexcom CGM data utilizing the Dexcom Partner Web API.

Favorite the activities you use the most: Bookmark your commonly used activity items so that you can quickly add them again at a different time.

Advanced global searching capabilities: Quickly find favorites, food, or past activities. (Pro tip: Everything that can be added with the "+" menu can be found in the global search.)

Nightstand Mode: Nightstand Mode lets you see your current glucose value, trend line, and time. Activate Nightstand Mode anytime by tapping your glucose value above the graph.

Quickly switch between users: Even works without an internet connection.

Streamlined food scan: Easier access to food scan with a long press on the app icon.

Calories/day stat: See your total calories fore each day in your activity feed.

What's Changed:

Replaced: eA1c Tile: The eA1c (estimated A1c) has been removed and will be replaced with the GMI tile. This change was made to better align with ADA recommendations.

Removed: Geotracking for Emergency Contacts: Your location will no longer be send along with texts to emergency contacts when your sugar is urgently low.

Removed: Share2Nightscout Bridge Support: User will need to follow the steps to reconnect their data source with the Dexcom CGM data. The Nightscout bridge for accessing CGM data is no longer supported.

Units Added to CGM Readings: Units of measure have been added anywhere that your CGM reading is displayed within the app.

Stability enhancements: Code fixes and updates to continue improving your experience.

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